St. Andrew's Players

We're back in action!

We're casting a new play!

St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, producers since 2011 of a whole series of family-friendly entertainments, are casting a brand-new play for Summer 2022. (Tired of boring profanity? We too.) It’s a sequel to our 2019 pre-pandemic production of Drinking Habits, by American playwright Tom Smith. Unsurprisingly, the sequel is entitled Drinking Habits 2: Caught in the Act, also by Tom Smith. Covid is gradually letting go of our lives, and it’s time to have fun again!

2019 attendees will remember that Drinking Habits tells the hilarious story of three nuns struggling to save the life of their convent. Their order? “The Sisters of Perpetual Sewing,” repairers of liturgical garments. But the sisters Philomena and Augusta have a delicious secret: to keep the doors open they also make wine. Say it isn’t so, Mother Superior! All is well––barely––until the Sister’s surreptitious wine begins to win awards, attracting the attention of an on-again off-again pair of engaged investigative reporters who disguise themselves as clerics. Added to the mix are a retired magician now priest, a lovelorn caretaker, and a not-sure-I-want-to-be-a-nun ingenue. The result? Pure farce, tender emotion, and lots of laugh-out-loud moments. Just think of Fawlty Towers meets Bugs Bunny meets the Catholic church.

In the sequel, playgoers find the Sisters pining for the old days. “Things have gotten so quiet around here,” sighs Sister Philomena. When word comes that a local orphanage needs financial help, the Sisters spring into action, this time producing a play. (Yes, art imitates life.) Before the audience can catch its breath it’s unmanageable stage fright, slamming closet doors, and the accidental switch-up of refreshments––Mother Superior’s worst nightmare. And more.

Production is slated for late August/early September. Meanwhile, St. Andrew’s is looking for actors, and production people! No experience necessary! Take the plunge and email Director Colin Cross at [email protected]. Or call him at 250 492 8304. You’ll be glad you did!

And we're excited!!

Choir is Back

Ever wanted to sing in a choir? It' fun, and uplifting, and stretches the heart. Join us Thursdays at 1 p.m. in the Sanctuary, or call 250 492 8304 for more information!